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Your relationship is stuck. You both feel like you are going around in circles and the pain and hurt is piling up. It seems insurmountable. You try to communicate but you don’t feel seen or heard.

The exhaustion is growing, constantly trying to fix things and getting nowhere.

“I didn’t think it you would be this way” you tell yourself.

When you met, there was a spark. You felt so attracted to this person with their unique personality but now those differences are grating and cause you pain. It’s like you’re speaking a different languages, and you just wish your partner could see things your way.

There is hope! With an empathetic yet direct approach I will guide you as a couple to get unstuck & move forward. Using personality types and the Gottman Method, I will help you understand yourself and your partner in a deeper way. We will work together to rebuild the closeness that is lacking and find the inspiration to make big changes.

I am a relationship and marriage therapist working in private practice since 2019 with a background of 20 years working in human services, primarily in mental health.

Together, we can revolutionize your relationship. Imagine feeling close to your partner again, with new skills to communicate your needs. You will both feel seen and heard and the future will feel hopeful.

I specialise in working with people across three main areas:


Dan is a wealth of knowledge and extremely open-minded and respectful. He puts things into perspective & helped me greatly in a short time. For anyone reading this I highly recommend Dan's services. - Anita

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