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Hi, my name is Dan

I’m a relationship and marriage therapist born, bred and trained as a Counsellor in Australia, now living in Minnestoa USA. I've been in private practice since 2019 and have 20 years experience working in the disability, youth and mental health sectors. In 2010 I married Caitlin and we have 3 children, and together we run the Convergently Speaking podcast where we discuss topics related to relationships and personality typlogy.

Relationships in general and especially romantic relationships are not always easy. However I believe within us all is an ability to grow, learn new ways of interacting and heal from the past. I've had couples walk into my office saying they feel like they're in Groundhog Day, going around and around in circles, who then leave with a greater level of compassion and understanding for their partner. This is not easy work and  there's no shame in seeking out some extra support. You will be amazed the impact having a neutral third party can have to help you and your partner resolve your differences.

Most conflicts are birthed out of misunderstandings and therefore my approach working with couples is to listen and remain curious. I will offer you and your partner an opportunity to feel safe to share your perspective and to also listen to your partner's point of view. In addition to my Counselling training, I have trained in both The Gottman Method of Relationship Therapy and the Myers Briggs Personality System and these form the basis of my proven approach working with couples. Personality types is something we hear a lot about these days but usually in a business or work context. My passion is to bring the power of understanding personality into our everyday relationships, especially our intimate ones. The longer I do the work, the more convinced I am that understanding our own and our partner's personality type is the most powerful tool to resolving misunderstanding and conflicts and it works wonders to re-kindle and deepen the relationship's love and passion.

To learn more about how I might be able to serve you, you can book a call using the button below, or select one of my specialities to read more about my approach.

Dan is authentic, sincere and easy to talk to making him a great person to talk to if you're looking for extra support. – Jaquie

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