Couples Relationship Coaching

“Your marriage will only be as healthy as the least healthy one of you.”
– Rob Bell

586305278Small things are becoming BIG things.

I’m guessing you’re not here for fun. Something has caused you to spend your free time scouring the web for a couples coach.

You want to break the negative cycle in your relationship because you’re sick of going around and around in circles.

You and your partner increasingly fight over what you’d call “small things,” but they feel like big problems. Now the accusations fly back and forth!

“He stacked the dishwasher wrong.” “She’s on your case about the house chores.” “He’s more interested in the game than spending time with you.” “She’s never happy no matter how hard you work.”“He’s never satisfied no matter how often you do it.”

The relationship has stalled.

Life doesn’t stop for either of you, but the relationship is on the back burner.

You’re both feeling lonely, disconnected, frustrated, and angry!

Despite trying (and often expressing how ridiculous these squabbles are), the cycle continues.

You’re stuck and scared of where things will end up if something doesn’t change.

“When you’re fighting, it’s absolutely crucial to keep remembering
that they’re trying to figure it out just like you are.”
– Rob Bell

The problem is (almost) never the problem.

You’re stuck because you focus on the symptoms, not the causes.

I know you don’t want to get a divorce simply because your partner left the car tank empty yet again, but you sure feel like you do.

2247153589Getting to the Core

I’m always balancing two things when working with couples.

1. The core issues of the relationship
2. How close the two of you are

Because if being close to your partner is a distant memory, your walls will be up and make small things become BIG issues. Remember this formula.

Unresolved Issues + Lack of Closeness = Squabbling over petty things

Don’t let small things become big things.

A strong impulse to bash your head against a brick wall may accompany a lack of closeness. If symptoms persist, please reach out to me for assistance.

I have proven strategies to replenish love at its source to make you feel more fondness and admiration toward your partner and better position you both to heal and move forward.

So, book a free discovery call if you want to heal your relationship and strengthen it for years.

“Love never dies a natural death.
It dies because we don’t know how to replenish its source.”
– Anaïs Nin