Where is your office located?

My office is in Winsor Office Plaza, near the corner of County Road B2 and Fairview Avenue in Roseville (Twin Cities). The office is on the ground floor. Follow the signs to Suite 102 as you enter the front door.

1935 W. County Road B2
Suite #102
St. Paul, MN 55113

Where do I park?
There is a large parking lot around my building with free parking.
Is there a bathroom available?
How long is a typical session?
Individual sessions are 60 minutes, and standard couple’s sessions are 75 minutes, except the initial consult of 90 minutes. Longer sessions are available as needed.
How do I pay?
I will send you an invoice for your first session which you can pay with a card online through the Stripe platform. For subsequent sessions, I will charge this card automatically after each session. As part of your initial paperwork, a form is included to consent for your card information to be stored and charged after each session.
How do I make an appointment?

You can book appointments through the website here. You can also arrange meetings with me directly via email at hello@danielanear.com.

What is the best way to get in touch with you?

Email hello@danielanear.com. You can also call on (612) 328-2752; however, email is generally quicker.

What is your cancellation policy?
Please provide as much notice as possible if you need to cancel or reschedule an appointment (at least 24 hours). I reserve the right to charge a late cancellation fee as follows: 50% in the first instance, 75% in the second, and 100% after that.
What can I expect from my first couple’s coaching session?

The initial consult for couples therapy is slightly extended (90 minutes) for two primary reasons. The first is to allow both parties to have a proper opportunity to share and feel heard about why they sought out therapy. The second is for me to acquire some preliminary information to develop an overall picture of your situation and begin to create a plan for following sessions. Depending on an individual couple’s circumstances, this process may carry over into the second session.

Does going to therapy mean I’m weak?
On the contrary, I believe seeking therapy shows strength and courage.
With whom do you work?

I work with adults of all ages. Although I don’t offer therapy directly to those under 18, there are circumstances where it may be relevant to the therapy to have your child/children attend.

What is your educational background?
I completed my counseling training in Australia and maintain professional membership with the Australian Counselling Association. I also hold qualifications in mental health, community services, Myers-Briggs profiling (in the Personality Hacker Method), Gottman Therapy, and Relational Life Therapy. I continue pursuing formal and informal education to equip myself for my work better and because I enjoy it.
Do you offer video sessions?
Yes, I use a Zoom pro account which has HIPAA certification.
Do you work with people from diverse backgrounds?

I sure do! As a migrant myself (Australia to the US) and being in a cross-cultural marriage (Caitlin grew up in the US), I have a unique perspective on cultural differences and relationship challenges. In addition, before becoming a therapist, I travelled extensively throughout Asia and Europe. One of the joys of what I do is working with people from culturally diverse backgrounds.

Are you a cat or dog person?
Fish, as they don’t make me sneeze.
Have you been to therapy yourself?

Yes, and I still do. In addition to regular professional supervision, in Australia, attending therapy was actually a requirement of my Counselling training.

There’s no shame in having issues and baggage; it’s part of being human. People with mental health issues aren’t a worry to me; those who think they have no issues are the worry.

Are you a Christian counselor?
No. However, I did grow up Christian and even started the process of becoming a minister at one point. (Yes, you can ask for this whole story at our first session if you’d like.) I am very happy to accommodate your faith, whether you’re a Christian, Buddhist, Muslim, Hindu, or practice another faith.
Do you take notes?
Yes, I take notes by hand for in-person sessions and type notes during Zoom calls. These are stored securely and are totally confidential, one of the benefits of being a self-pay client.
Do I have to lie on a couch?
Not during the session, but you may want a lie down after because this work can be tiring. 😉
Is our work confidential?

Confidentiality can be complex, especially when working with couples. Whilst I find my approach works well, I acknowledge this can be a point of anxiety for people. I am happy to discuss this further with you as needed.

The main caveat to this approach is if there’s a significant breach of trust, such as infidelity or an undisclosed addiction. Again, we can discuss this further as needed.

Do couples fight in front of you?
Sometimes, however, I will intervene and re-direct the conversation if I feel a discussion is unproductive.
Am I allowed to ask personal questions?

Sure, if I’m allowed to refuse to answer. I’m joking. Generally, I am quite open. During a session, I sometimes self-disclose (sharing something from my life). I do this when I believe what I will share is therapeutically relevant. Sometimes, however, I will intervene and re-direct the conversation if I feel a discussion is becoming unproductive.

Side note: I find for people who wish to get to know me and my approach better, listening to my podcast Convergently Speaking is helpful.

Can you diagnose?

No, if you believe you have a relevant physical or mental health diagnosis, please let me know; however, if you are seeking a diagnosis, we can discuss referral options to receive a formal assessment. My colleague, Steven Wiese, is a psychologist who can provide mental health diagnoses.

I often work with couples when one or both partners are also being treated by another therapist or health professional. I aim to work collaboratively with your other providers when this is the case.

Should I wear waterproof mascara?
I’ve seen it all; a little mascara doesn’t phase me, so I’ll leave it up to you.