Personality Coaching

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life, and you will call it fate.”
– Carl Jung

1869893137Change requires making the unconscious conscious.

Deciphering an individual or couple’s personality type/s may be the most powerful way to make the unconscious conscious.

As humans, so much of what we do throughout the day is automatic. We have conscious processes, such as deciding where to go for lunch or what shirt to wear; and we have automatic or unconscious processes, such as breathing, and to function, we need both. The issue arises when our automatic processes are no longer serving us.

As children, our genes plus our environment mean that we react to situations in specific ways to meet our needs. Over time, these ways of operating become part of our personality. These ways of functioning were helpful as kids, but often some become unhelpful to us as adults.

We can’t consciously analyze processes currently running automatically; until we make the unconscious conscious, we are powerless to change these things.

Couples can differ in personality type.

Making the unconscious conscious requires understanding each other’s personality type. I am constantly amazed at how much of a game changer it can be for people when they start to understand the ‘why’ behind what they do.

Maybe your partner always wants to go out, but you’d rather stay home. Did you know this could be because you’re an introvert and your partner is an extrovert? Or possibly they’re more orderly, and you’re ok with a mess. This feeling toward order can be a personality difference, too.

The benefits of understanding personality types are almost endless and can assist with all relationships in your life.

Regarding romantic relationships, I aim to help you understand each other’s personality types. This understanding can help you develop patience, empathy, and love for your partner.

1336552091Understanding personality types enhances relationships.

I know the above statement to be true because gaining knowledge of personality types has helped my relationship as well as countless couples I’ve worked with, just like yourself.

Working together to uncover your ‘unconscious drives’, the engine running in the background of your life may be the game changer you’re looking for in your relationship. Otherwise, automatic processes will continue to direct your life, and you’ll remain stuck in a cycle of misunderstanding and conflict.

If you and your partner are struggling without understanding the cause, personality coaching can help you learn why disagreements arise and how to navigate through these disagreements and ultimately be grateful for the value your partner’s personality type brings to your relationship.

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