Convergently Speaking


I host Convergently Speaking a personal development podcast with a personality psychology bent. I have on the show a wide range guests with diverse areas of expertise and life experience who all converge at their interest in personal growth.

I started the Convergently Speaking out of a desire to help land the theoretical in the practical, to bring self-development practice alongside self-development theory in a way that supports the listener to both think and live deeply.

I believe that when conversation partners engage in genuine, good-faith exploration a natural convergence will occur. Not that all parties will agree or that tension will cease to exist but that amidst the contradictions and paradoxes commonalities will be found.

Convergence: the act of converging and especially moving toward union or uniformity

I’m not the only one talking about convergence: Richard Rohr highlights the need to integrate action and contemplation. Eric Weinstein champions critical feeling along with critical thinking and Ken Wilber’s Integral Theory is built on the premise of an interconnectedness at the centre of all things.

Convergently Speaking is my way of adding my voice to this very important and transformational conversation.

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