Relationship Therapy, a new foundation for couples

Relationship Therapy

Do you and your partner find yourselves going around in circles?

Is there pain and hurt that seems insurmountable?

Do communication problems mean that you both aren't feeling seen and heard?

Does it feel like there are fundamental differences between you, holding you back from really thriving together?

Often, a couple's differences create the initial spark of attraction, but over time they contribute to misunderstanding and pain in the relationship.  If this sounds like your situation let me tell you there is hope. Whether you've been married for 20 years or are in a new relationship I can work with you and your partner to start seeing these differences as a gift rather than a curse. To hear more listen to my podcast Personality Types & Relationships: Introverts vs Extroverts

Maybe the issue isn't a personality clash but rather pain, trauma or a sense of growing apart over time, whatever it is my commitment is to work with you as a couple to get to the root of these issues and a way forward that works for both of you.

When working with couples who are feeling stuck, I've seen over and again that an outside perspective from a neutral party can make all the difference. I will work with you to see where you may be talking past each other and help you to reframe the problems you’re facing, laying a foundation to work together to transform your relationship into something better than it’s ever been. 

In terms of my approach I combine my skills as a trained counsellor with knowledge from my Personality Profiler training through Personality Hacker. I am also undertaking further study with the Gottman Institute and am inspired by the work of Esther Perel with couples.

So how long does the process take?

Some couples find that they just need short-term support through a particularly challenging time and two or three sessions can get them moving in the right direction. For others, a few months or more is required to get to the heart of things, find healing and move forward. The best advice I can give is to be proactive, the couples with the most success are the ones who are honest about where they are at and are prepared to do the work needed to heal and grow together. So many people resort to counselling only at the end of their relationship, and uncover communication issues which could have been resolved years ago. It’s heartbreaking to see couples leave things to the last minute. I can be a support at any stage of your relationship and help you avoid pitfalls that may seem small at first but can lead to larger problems down the line. 

Dan is a fantastic counselor with a deep insight into how both men and women operate within a relationship. I'd highly recommend him for couples counseling or one on one! It's worth the investment! – Luke


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