Individual Relationship Therapy

“Sustaining relationships with others requires a good relationship to ourselves.”
– Terrence Real

2106117521Change starts with YOURSELF.

When we think of relationship therapy, we generally think of two people; however, did you know most individuals who go to therapy are there because of relationship issues, too.

What brings people to therapy? Trauma, anxiety, fear, and loneliness (to name a few) – all these things are about relationships. This is why I offer individual relationship therapy.

Participating in relationship therapy requires one hour, where we’ll talk about and work through any relational issue on your mind.

While this therapy is about improving your relationships with others, it also involves developing a good relationship with yourself.

We often think about meeting the right person and forget about first becoming the right person.

It takes two to tango and (at least) two to have relationship issues, but we can’t change others; we can only change ourselves.

It’s easy to say but hard to do.

Maybe you weren’t given the best example of a healthy relationship, so you don’t know where to start or keep falling back into old habits. Individual relationship therapy can help with this.

Maybe you are in a period of deciding if you want to continue with or end your current relationship; I got you.

Perhaps your partner threatened to leave if you didn’t sort your s**t out, like yesterday. Let’s talk!

Central to my approach is the idea of responsibility. We are not responsible for being hurt or what we did (or didn’t) learn as kids, but it is on us to heal and up-skill if we want to become the best version of ourselves.

Remember –

“Family dysfunction rolls down from generation to generation, like a fire in the woods,
taking down everything in its path until one person in one generation has the courage
to turn and face the flames. That person brings peace to their ancestors
and spares the children that follow.”
– Terrance Real

So, I’m delighted you have the courage! It is lovely to have you here, and I’m looking forward to meeting you. Together, we’ll ‘go there.’ There might be tears, but also smiles and a few laughs.

Ready for change?